Important Things to Note:

Thermodynamics is an extremely important topic for engineers, and consequently it is a enormous subject and with a ton of different subtopics. While technically any thermodynamics question could be asked on the stat. sech. comprehensive exam, for the most part, the only thermodynamics you are expected to know is that which connects to statistical mechanics.

It is easy to overwhelm yourself with thermodynamics. So my advice is for you to briefly skim over the linked lecture notes and (at first) don’t do thermodynamics problems until you’ve mastered the other statistical mechanics topics.

Briefly Skim this:

Thermo Lecture Notes from Professor Mona Berciu at University of British Columbia

(The main use of these lecture notes is a reference for when you are later confused. When you’re working out the specific heat in a microcanonical ensemble, you can use this as a reference for when you are confused.)

Most important Problems & Solutions:

I might later add some problems, but for now I recommend skipping doing thermodynamics problems until you are very comfortable with the core stat. mech topics.

Additional Topics & Problems that aren’t as important:

After you’re very comfortable with the core topics, then you can go back and practice some problems of these topics,

  • Converting between specific heat capacities
  • Calculating Equation of States
  • Efficiencies of Heat Engine & Heat Pumps
  • Carnot Heat Engines
  • Finding latent heat and integrating diagrams
  • Maxwell Relations.  Problem
  • Problems #3, 4, 5  (Solutions by Ryan Richards)