Microcanonical Ensemble

Important Things to Note:

Statistical Mechanics builds on itself. Everything is built on the concepts introduced in the microcanonical ensemble. This is unquestionably the most important topic to master first. Do not move on until you are extremely comfortable with the microcanonical ensemble and you know the lecture notes inside-out.

Understand EVERY WORD of these:

Classical Micro Notes
from Professor Mona Berciu at University of British Columbia
(Do NOT slack off here! Do NOT skim this! Every single equation is critically important.)

Chain of Harmonic Oscillators

Quantum Microcanonical Ensemble

Most important Problems & Solutions:

  • Problem #1 of Berlin Midterm    (solution is in blue)
  • Problem #1 of MIT problem set  (solution is in blue)
  • Problem #1 of GMU problem set (solution)
  • Problem #2 of Berlin Midterm  (solution in in blue)
  • Problem #2 of MIT problem set  (solution is in blue)
  • Problem #2 (you can skip c) of GMU problem set (solution)
  • Problem #2.1  (solution)
  • Problem #2.2  (solution)
  • Problem 2.3  (solution)   (part b and c are overkill on the math, so don’t spend too much time here)
  • Problems #1,#2, #3 of SKU Midterm  (solution)   (solutions are ugly, but these are great problems)